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Review – Kinesis Advantage

I talked about my wrist hurting in one of my earlier posts which prompted me to check out and buy several keyboards, mice, and trackballs with the hopes that one of them might alleviate the pain once and for all! First up for review is the Kinesis Advantage Ergonomic Keyboard. I will update this post as I get more acquainted with this keyboard but, for now, here’s a first use review. Sorry for the crappy audio! I’m saving up for a good quality microphone and soundcard but this would do for now. Like what any good Geekysaur would do, I compared my typing speed on my Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with that on the Kinesis Advantage. I average around 120WPM on a normal QWERTY  keyboard and did 102WPM on my first run on the Blackwidow. Switching to the Kinesis Advantage, I did 25WPM on the first try. Note that this was the first time ever that I used the Kinesis Advantage and it feels like it really takes a lot of getting used to. First Impression The Kinesis Advantage feels plasticky and the function keys are rubbery. I expected more from a USD 269 keyboard with regards to the build quality but it’s not a dealbreaker. The concave “letter wells” will force you to use the right fingers for hitting keys which really takes a lot of...

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Checking Apache Configuration Syntax in Ubuntu

Have you ever tried restarting Apache in Ubuntu while in a production environment only to find out that you had an error somewhere in your virtual host configuration? This might mean several minutes, even hours, of downtime (which also means lost revenue) as you diagnose what went wrong with your syntax especially if you didn’t have any backup. Like what any good Geekysaur would do, you should test your configuration before reloading or restarting Apache. Just run sudo apache2ctl configtest or sudo apache2ctl -t and you’re good to go! What do you think guys? Do you have a better way...

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My wrist is killing me!

I’m a programmer. I code for a living. More than half of my every waking day is probably spent in front of a laptop or desktop computer doing anything from playing games, coding, checking my social networks, replying to emails, etc. I’ve had this kind of lifestyle for over twelve years now and I’ve been having pain around my right hand and wrist for about a year. Healthcare is not one of those things we’re proud of here in the Philippines and most of the doctors I’ve been to in the past are either incompetent or plain dismissive. So, yeah, as much as possible, I only go see a doctor when I feel that what I have may be life threatening. The pain started gradually and came and went. About four months ago though, it started hurting like hell. Doing normal stuff like shaking hands with people, shooting some hoops, riding a motorcycle, and sometimes even driving a car became really painful. While the pain has now subsided, it never really went away. The Problem Like what any good Geekysaur would do,  I turned to Google for answers. It turns out that there may be three reasons for my chronic wrist pain. Wrist Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) I have a history of having high uric acid levels and have had gout attacks before so I can’t really dismiss this as just...

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